The CPL Marketing team, some of whom have been working together for a number of years as either independent contractors with ongoing b2b relationships or at other high profile online marketing companies, have finally made theĀ  collective decision to form an elite group of online marketing professionals covering every aspect of digital marketing. With decades of combined experience, the team at CPL Marketing focuses on delivering premium digital marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), web design, social media marketing and management, email marketing, landing page creation and optimization, retargteting ads, display advertising, public relations, reputation management, pay per click advertising (PPC), content marketing, press releases, conception and implementation of comprehensive online marketing funnels and transparency in reporting. We also offer financing solutions for working capital loans with our exclusive partners. Through our partners, we can also assist your company in the process of going public in order to raise capital. Although our focus is on digital marketing, we’ve now added these financial solutions to the mix as our team expands with the addition of our esteemed partners. Thus we provide a full, complete, well-rounded set of solutions for all aspects of digital marketing and financing to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Speaking Your Language

We provide business owners and marketing managers with the solutions and ideas they need to reap the rewards of a robust online marketing funnel. We make it easy to understand the complicated jig-saw puzzle that is digital marketing. With there being so many options and so many ways to start, we can help get you oriented so that you can make the right decision at the right time regarding your online marketing campaigns.

Christopher Lees – Founder and CEO