Please contact us right now to request a custom quote for your website. We will base your custom quote on the number of keywords you want to pursue each month and the competitiveness of those keywords. SEO services are not cookie-cutter in nature. Each website is different, each market is different and the level of ambition of the client is always different. This is why a custom quote is usually the best option. However, generally speaking, we can say that local SEO campaigns are a good match for the $300-$600/month option, national SEO campaigns might go from $1000 to $5000/month and competitive keyword campaigns (not local) at $9000+/month. However, we are flexible and have something for every budget, so give us a call and see what we can do for you!


A Local SEO Campaign is one that optimizes a website for local keywords. Local keywords are typically product + town/city or service + town/city. A typical small business may have 10 root keywords (products or services they offer) that will be matched to a specific town or city.


A National SEO Campaign is designed not to drive local customers into your store or office, but rather to gain nationwide exposure via the internet. Such clients typically have a keyword list that features products and services, but without matching them up to specific towns and locations. This is what makes it more competitive. It’s easier to rank for personal injury lawyer Boston than just personal injury lawyer for example.


A Competitive Keyword Campaign is similar to a national keyword campaign but with the ambitious addition of some highly coveted, high traffic keywords that everyone in your industry would love to rank on page one on Google for. Everyone knows where the money is, and in these particular verticals, chances are your competition has been spending marking budget in this area for a long time, so they have a big head start. This would only work for you if your business can convert these leads into big money. Think about the lifetime value of your leads and sales when you consider this option.


All SEO campaigns come with a free rank tracking account (value of $50/month as a standalone service). You’ll be given a username and password where you can see all of your keywords, their current rankings and their historical rankings – including graphs.


We expect to see results immediately (1 or 2 weeks) but the bulk of the positive ranking movement will happen between weeks 8 and 11 of each campaign. We roll the campaigns out slowly over four months time. This is because we build links slowly and within the search engine guidelines. Our goal is to smoothly, without a lot of ranking fluctuation, improve your site’s rankings across all of the keywords on your keyword List. Therefore we recommend a minimum of four months to start, but there are no contracts.


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