Reputation Management

Reputation management deals with burying or eliminating embarrassing photos, negative reviews and or slanderous & untrue articles about you or your business. These days people google your name as soon as they meet you. The same goes for businesses; people look you up online. Negative information on page one on Google can not only be embarrassing but can also effectively kill your business. We make this problem go away.

Our Online Reputation Management packages are designed to bury bad reviews, photos, ripoff reports and so on. We do this by doing positive SEO for existing positive content already available on the net, thus putting it in front of the negative content until it’s sufficiently buried. Please Note: We cannot remove the content from the internet; only the owner of the site where the negative content is hosted can do that. However, keep in mind that 95% of searchers stay on the first page in Google. Thus, pushing the negative results to page two reduces significantly the likelihood that someone will see them; pushing the bad results to Google’s page three is like rendering them to no-man’s land.

Personal Reputation Management Plan

Personal Rep – $2,000 – Push negative result to Google’s page two. Personal Rep Plus – $3750 – Push negative results to Google’s page three. The Personal Plan is the perfect reputation management solution for an individual who is not a celebrity. This plan will tackle keywords like “your name + town” or “your business + town/location.” We will bury the bad result and monitor it for a full year to make sure it doesn’t creep back up in the search results.



$1000 retainer

$1000 when page two is achieved on Google.

$1750 when page three is achieved on Google.

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Small Business Reputation Management Plan

Small Business Plan $4,000 – negative results go to page two Small Business Plan Plus $7,500 – negative results go to page three This solution is for small businesses that have negative reviews, including the infamous ripoff report, scam radar and other infamous rip-off sites. Customers who have purchased this solution are typically combating negative results that show up after someone searches “your business name + review”, “your business name + complaints”, “your business name + scarm”, “your business name + ripoffreportsite”. As always, our reputation management packages are performance based. We monitor the negative result for one year after we finish the campaign.


$2000 retainer

$2000 when page two is achieved on Google.

$3500 when page three is achieved on Google. Call us at

Corporate Reputation Management Plan

Corporate Plan $8,000 – negative results are pushed to page two on Google. Corporate Plan Plus $14,000 – negative results are pushed to page three on Google. This solution is for a company or professional that has suffered a massive amount of bad press. We are typically trying to bury news articles from authoritative sources, such as all of the various print media outlets that everyone knows by name. These articles are very difficult to bury given the authority of mainstream newspaper websites and cable news websites. We tackle up to 16 negative results and will make them all go to page two or three.

$4000 retainer

$4000 when all negative results are pushed back to page two on Google.

$6000 when all negative results of pushed back to page three on Google.

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Custom Reputation Management Plan $15,000

This plan is not unlike the corporate plan. The main difference is that we will tackle more keywords (the searches that bring up the negative results) than the corporate plan which covers 16. This plan is also good for combating an unscrupulous competitor bent on sinking your reputation by constantly putting out new negative content.

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