creative marketing campaigns2017 saw many creative marketing campaigns. Some were successful and some weren’t.

The successful ones were able to catch people’s attention on issues that mattered and had more substance. They were also easy to share and remember.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 marketing campaigns of 2017.

1. Women’s March

The world is no stranger to marches for a cause. And in 2017, the world saw one of the largest and most successful marches to date. This campaign came with a catchy hashtag, #womensmarch.

This campaign started on Facebook the night of the election. Teresa Shook, a Hawaiian woman, upset over the results created an event page for a march that was merely hypothetical.

To her surprise, the next morning, her inbox had 10,000 responses the next morning. The campaign had 5 million people all over the world showing their support.

The hashtag was seeing over multiple social media outlets. It shows Facebook organized events can create powerful and creative marketing campaigns.

2. Taco Bell Snap Chat Filter

What better to put you in the mindset for Taco Bell than becoming one. Fast food chains always strive to improve and attract a new following, and the result is a killer creative marketing campaign.

For Cinco de Mayo — Taco Bell launched a Snapchat filter in celebration of the Mexican holiday.

The filter turned people’s heads into a giant taco shell, lettuce, tomato, and cheese included. People decided to turn themselves into a giant taco about 224 million times.

The filter shattered previous Snapchat records. This record-breaking filter took about six weeks to create.

Snapchat also cashed big with this deal, they received 0.3 cents per view, a total of $750,000.

3. Heineken #OpenYourWorld

The theme of many marketing campaigns in 2017 seemed to be social equality, and Heineken was one of them.

In this campaign, Heineken wanted to create social awareness on issues a lot of people disagree on, so they named their ad “World’s Apart.”

The video pairs people with opposite views on issues such as climate change, transgender rights, and feminism.

Without knowing where the other person stands on these issues, they go through some bonding activities. Their views are revealed at the end and they’re given the chance to share a Heineken and talk about their views.

This campaign was so successful, it got 3 million views in the first week. The hashtag #OpenYourWorld accompanied the campaign, which was shared 50,000 times.

4. Airbnb

Another marketing campaign with a catchy hashtag by Airbnb debuted in 2017. Airbnb’s hashtag #WeAccept was a sensation in different social media outlets.

This campaign was about more than just a hashtag. The campaign indirectly referred to a political issue, and they wanted to do their part to show where they stood on the issue.

Airbnb took a risk with their statement because it’s well known creative marketing campaigns that go political are a hit or miss.

This one was a hit and it aired during the Superbowl for the first time. Within a month it had 5 million views on YouTube and over 100,000 Instagram likes.

5. Know Your Lemons

Breast cancer awareness has been a part of our culture for many years now, but their new campaign in 2017 blew their marketing out of the water.

It seems so hashtags dominated this campaign as well. The organization Worldwide Breast Cancer launched this campaign using the hashtag #KnowYourLemons.

The campaign features 12 lemons in an egg carton box. The differently shaped lemons represent breast and the signs of breast cancer.

This campaign was meant to educate women on the signs of breast cancer and also promoted self-breast exams.

The campaign was so successful, it reached 7.3 million people on Facebook and received many donations.

6. That Feeling When Gucci

Fashion brand Gucci did something bold and launched a campaign to target a young demographic. Their new target wasn’t the typical customer who can afford their products.

Gucci’s campaign centered around Instagram, a perfect platform to target a younger audience who knows how to navigate around.

The campaign consisted of imitating memes. It was also centered around the hashtag #TFWGucci which translates to That Feeling When Gucci. This phrase is a spinoff from the famous catchphrase “that feeling when…”

Every ad is meant to imitate a meme while relating it back to a Gucci product. For example, “When your girl doesn’t notice your new watch,” it shows a man holding flowers in his angry fist while wearing a Gucci watch.

This campaign resonated with the internet is got 2 million likes and whooping 21k comments.

7. Be the Match

We saw many creative marketing campaigns in 2017 that created awareness and Be the Match was not the exception.

This campaign was designed by the National Bone Marrow Donor Program of the same name. They lacked men from the ages of 18 to 24 in their registry who are considered hard to reach donors.

Unlike other campaigns who tend to focus on the patients, this time they focus on the men they tried to target. It sends the message that being young and male qualified them to save lives.

The message wasn’t focused on emotions, guilt, or compassion, but instead, it was empowerment.

The non-profit saw a 280% increase in male donors making it a successful campaign.

8. Fearless Girl

Unlike other campaigns of 2017 who focused on digital platforms, this one used a statue to make a social statement.

Most people are familiar this the Wall Street’s charging bull. Well, what if you saw a little girl on the other side ready to face it. That is a powerful statement.

The campaign intended to call for over 3,500 companies to take the necessary steps to make sure more women get added to corporate boards.

This campaign was powerful and controversial.

Creative Marketing Campaigns Wrap Up

Marketing campaigns in 2017 were successful because they spoke about social issues and created awareness. They were also easy to share due to their creative use of hashtags.

Did you enjoy these marketing campaigns? If you are interested in creating a marketing campaign for your company we are here for you. Visit us to take a look at our portfolio or contact us for a consultation.

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